Aug 07

Paysafecard Code Generator

Paysafecard Code Generator 2013




paysafecard generator




1. Daily Update
2. Anti Ban system
3. Virus Protection
4. Friendly interface



What is Paysafecard ?

Paysafecard Codes that can be used to add credits and pay with it in shops and stores which support paysafecard. On the cards there are PIN’s with 16 digits printed on the card .when purchasing you enter the code and the ammount of the cards value . If price of an item you are purchasing is larger then what the paysafecard code is worth you can enter multiple codes until the desired amount is reached .



Paysafecard Code Generator is used to generate Free Paysafe card codes whenever you need them. You can generate codes in Us Dollar , British pounds and Euro . You can choose 10 , 20 , 50 and 100.



This is confirmed to work on august 2013

Jun 30

Need For Speed World Boost Hack

Need For Speed World Boost Hack






You are prohibited to share this tool to ANYONE, we force it to you for purpose avoid some updates or patches from the servers, please use this tools wisely and don’t forget to keep silent




Jun 29

Roblox Robux Hack

Roblox Robux Hack




 Working on August 2013

Do you wish that you could have as many Robux as you could ever need? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, the Roblox Robux hack tool is here! Want to show off all your new items to your friends? No problem. Capable of delivering Robux straight to your account within minutes. This tool is extremely user-friendly and requires no technical knowledge, just follow the simple installation instructions below and your good to go. As tempting as it may be, try not to go too crazy with this. We recommend only using it once every few days to ensure the safety of your Roblox account. Enjoy!



Jun 27

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Coin Generator






Instructions inside the download.

Don’t use more than 3 times in 24 hours.

It takes about 10-15 minutes to receive the coins in your account.


Generate your coins in Fifa with this tool.

This has been coded in c#, if you have any problem please contact me.


Jun 06

Steam Hack – Play any game [Working December 2013]

If you are here im sure you’ve seen people online selling thousands of steam accounts.

How do they do it, you ask yourself. Well, there have been some steam hacking software made by some developers the last few years. Many of them stopped working with new steam security updates.

As you may known steam always had problems with security, it’s easy to acess steam database and use their own keys to generate new accounts with games.


Now it was our turn to develop a steam hacker so you can be able to hack any steam account.

This hack has been confirmed to be orking on 6 June 2013, so try it while it works. You will be able to originate normal accounts with it and play online games with your friends.



With Steam Data Base Hacker you will be able to create an account and choose any game to play in it.

Try it yourself, how to do it?

  1. 1. Download the file
  2. 2. Execute the Steam Database Hacker
  3. 3. Choose a new login name and a new password
  4. 4. Choose the games you want to generate
  5. 5. Have fun playing


May 26

Facebook Hacker Online – Hack Facebooks

Facebook hacker online – Hack facebooks


We are currently the number #1 site on the Internet to provide this service out of charge and at amazing speed and success rate. Don’t believe us? See how many likes and shares we have on Facebook and other social media websites and we are also ranked number #1 on google.
Everyday thousands of Facebook accounts are being hacked. Ever wondered how is this possible? It’s because of the major loop hole Facebook has in their security system. Facebook is recognized as today’s the most widely used social networking website in the world and it has its own security flaws which allows us, hackers to easily compromise accounts. Hack facebook password right now using our free service !!!
You may wonder why people hack Facebook accounts? The answer is very simple. There are various reasons as to why one would want to hack another person’s Facebook account. Parents might want to know what their kids are doing online so they could monitor them. A boyfriend or girlfriend might want to see what their counterpart is doing behind their back to see if they are cheating or not . A husband would want to check if his wife is faithful or vice versa. Today in the world of Internet, social media has become one of the most trending thing for people of every age. Many people share their deepest and darkest secrets, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes with their friends. And this is the reason why people want access to other people accounts so they could know everything about them.
In today’s world many professional hackers are offering services on how to hack Facebook account. But they charge anywhere from 100$ – 10,000$ for a single account. But wait, do people actually pay so much to hack someone? Yes they do. For example if you have a business and you want to see what your competition is doing or simply take them down, this amount of money is not that much of a deal. Similarly people have various reasons to hack Facebook . But how to hack facebook ? How can they succeed ? Well, like any other website, Facebook also has vulnerabilities and hackers can manage to offer their facebook hack services .
But wait!! Why should you pay to hack someone on Facebook when you can do it for free!!! Yes you heard it right. You can actually hack anyone on Facebook within few minutes and completely free. If you search around the Internet you can see many exploits that have been found on Facebook. But most of them are patched and so on. But we get the latest and unpatched exploits from various sources around the world to work on our Facebook hack. Thus guaranteeing 100% success rate. So you wanna know how to hack a facebook account ? Just click on the button below and start hacking !!!

May 24

PSN Code Generator

Get Free PSN Code Generator 2013 (Fully Working)


Finally we realesed our new PSN Code Generator that is finally working 100%. In the last versions we had some problems with some of the codes but finally with version 7.2 it is guaranteed that it will work. So have fun getting your codes and please don’t try to sell this product.





File Name psn-code-generator-2013-v7.2.exe
File Size 508 KB
Operating System Windows-based PC
Release Date May 28 2013
Developer [im]kZZtun[lp]


How does PSN Code Generator work?

It’s a simple desktop application for Windows operating system based PC that is extremely lightweight and easy to use. First, you will need to download and install the free PSN code generator first from this page that comes in .exe file format. Once the program is running, you can select the exact amount you want to generate, anywhere from $10, $20, $50 Playstation Network codes. Hit the button generate and it will automatically give you a valid, working free PSN codes to stuff your PSN Wallet with.

Are there any risks with using the FREE PSN Code Generator 2013?

PSN Generator has been downloaded and installed, and safely used by thousands of people looking for ways to obtain free PSN card codes. But don’t take our word for it. We highly recommend you be suspicious of any executable or installable files you download off of the internet. Make sure to protect your computer with a barrier of solid antivirus and malware protection scanners.

Can my PSN account be jeopardized for using this?

Yes and No. If you only use it sparingly and small amount here and there, flying under the radar, you will be fine. That’s how some of us have been able to hack free PSN codes for months using this exact same PSN code generator (2013 updated regularly to ensure it is functional). There are of course, greedy people out there who have overused and abused it, getting their account suspended or worst, banned. Don’t be one of those people. Practice moderation and be smart about it!

I am from (Blank) country; will I be able to use it for my PSN account?

Although there are no guarantees that the Free PSN Code Generator 2013 will work for your specific country, you will be glad to learn that there has yet been anyone who has reported that the program didn’t work for them.

Any restrictions on what I can use these codes on?

No. PSN codes list that you will generate are identical to the ones you would have purchased directly from Sony or other online retailers. You can use the free PSN codes to redeem them, then purchase new games, videos, music, movies and DLC.

I am having a trouble, help?

We cannot possibly provide tech support for all the requests; otherwise, we wouldn’t have time to do anything! But you can send us an email and we will do our best to troubleshoot it for you.

May 12

Easy Money- Bitcoin mining- Triplemining Guide

Easy Money- Bitcoin mining- Triplemining Guide


Current Rank for Mining #47
[Image: 5570dcab526fd55f03c3dfa7294dc012.png]

So I have been seeing a couple questions on how to get started bitcoin mining in a pool and I am going to share how to do one of the most easy and most profitable ways. With Bitcoin prices over 100$ each now is a great time to start.
[Image: c8ce9e80283f6f42db5f9e7ddd0606d8.png]

Your first going to want to go to the pool site which is triplemining (best payouts)

–>Triplemining This is the sign up link I will explain more later
[Image: af3b717dacbfb6104c3b85b895c66028.png]

Now that we have a account head to the workers page and add a new worker. (don’t make it too long)
[Image: c87638e13dc5a7f2cffcc50543060e3c.png]

Now that you have a account for the pool its time to set up the miner

I am going to assume that this is your first time mining and you have no idea what to do. Start by going here to

You will want to install this and put it somewhere you can access it again
Run Guiminer in the folder and you should see something like this [Image: 19e2cf70b534fc56eb9159af2ec5eeff.png]

We will now make a new miner (if you got a message saying no open cl devices you need to update your drivers for your grapgics card. If you don’t know what type you have open start and type dxdiag and you should find it.
[Image: 796b2bf644cc18c97a89a901a985d038.png]

Make any name for it and now click on server and find Triplemining, then enter your username and password for your worker and select your device to mine on. You can select as many cores to mine on as you want, the more you check the more you can mine. (remember your username is your account_worker like this)
[Image: 5cc4d12f8e0e030da7f44cad20df4fac.png]
[Image: b1cf06a36120905ad5dbda22219d7aea.png]

Now click view at the top and click show summary, check mark autostart and click start
[Image: 4d11b05a861a9ecb752d6888fb3226ba.png]
You should be mining now, If you get connection problems make sure you enter your workers details right.


May 08

Facebook Hack [working MAY 2013]


best facebook hack

hack anyones facebook account instantly!

facebook hack



Best Facebook Account and Password Hack in 2013

 This is your one stop solution, to hack anybody on the Facebook. Presently this is the number Uno online site to offer account hacking services, absolute free of cost at astonishing speeds and accomplishment rate. It is indeed hard to believe but you can have a look at the number of shares and likes on the Facebook and the other social media sites. At present we are the best site for all things on hacking Facebook accounts and passwords.

Each day Facebook accounts in thousand are being hacked. Have you ever wonder how it is feasible. It is due to the major flaw in their safety system. At present Facebook is regarded as the broadly utilized social networking site on the globe. It has its own safety errors that permit the hackers to effortlessly negotiate accounts.

You may wonder why one should hack Facebook account? The reply is very simple. There are several motives for a person to hack another individual’s Facebook account. In order to keep an eye on their children, the parents may want to know what they are doing on the internet. A girl friend or boy friend desire to know what their associate is doing at their backs. A husband may want to know whether his spouse is loyal or vice versa. Several people share their darkest and genuine secrets, hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, with their acquaintances and this is one of the reason why individuals desire to hack someones Facebook accounts to view private Facebook profiles.

 How to Hack a Facebook Account?

If you are on the lookout for methods for Facebook hack, then you have come to the right destination. Here you can learn methods on how to effortlessly hack a Facebook account? A Facebook hack 2013 tool will be provided to you and it is restrict for 300 customers. This is to prevent the tool from getting patch. If you want to download the Facebook hack tool, you can easily download the software tool by properly adhering to the given instructions, or else you will not successfully hack the fack book account. The Facebook password hacker tool can be downloaded by pressing the relevant download Facebook hackbutton.

  •  Special aspects

More than 5000 satisfied customers have utilized this Facebook Hacker tool. It is the conclusion of the efforts of the password recovery technology team. It is a state of art of technology cannot be rivaled by another hacker tool. You can have a closer glance by clicking the images on the left hand side to view its astonishing aspects.

  • Swift & easy to utilize.

Simple to use and instinctive consumer interface does not need any higher computer abilities and within a short duration of 2 minutes it can get back.

  • Regularly updated

This hacking tool will not get affected or influenced by any Facebook updates. With the most sophisticated technology and best tools, the program is updated frequently thereby by making infinite probabilities and hacking for the users is an easy task.

  • Safe & Lightweight

This tool requires only very less system requirements and it is easily compatible with a broad range of Operating Systems. It is safe and it is hard for your target to find that her or his account is hacked except you disclose it.

  • Free Download

It is easily obtainable for Facebook Hack free download but for only available for restriced numbers, hence it is advisable that you grab a copy as early as possible.



May 07

PayPal Modey Adder


Get Free Money with your paypal money adder

Hey guys, today I provide you the download link for an amazing Paypal Money Adder 2013. Finally! A working Paypal Money Adder 2013. All for free! How does that sound?






How to get free paypal money? It’s easy, when you download the Paypal Money Adder, unpack it and it’s ready to use. Just fill in your paypal e-mail, balance you want, hit proxy and start paypal hack and ney in your account.




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