Apr 27

Make money with your Android/iOS

How to make money with your smartphone everyday


Tapporo the money making application!.


Taporo is a neat little app that allows you to make money directly through your mobile device by downloading apps, completing surveys, and watching videos.
Taporro’s minimum PayPal payout is 5000 Points or in other words $5, which takes very little time to earn.

PayPal is not only their cash-out option. They have tons of whole store prizes raging from gadgets, giftcards and even to device accessories.The cheapest available prize in their store is only 3500 points.There are also contests available to win prices.
Here’s an example on what it looks like:


How many points can you earn from tasks?

  • You are getting rewarded reasonably by every Downloaded App, Finished Survey and Watched Movies. For me I would say it is a lot better than AppRedeem, Downloading and Installing apps are worth 140-350 points and Surveys are 600 upwards but sometimes there will be offers for higher credit.. The verification time is also very low. It will take a couple of minutes for it to verify and then you received your credits.
  • There is also a referral program where you get rewarded fairly well. For every invited friend you earn 100 points, if i invited 10 friends that way I would 1000 points worth $1.00. If your invited friend (referral) has earned 1000 points, you receive 500 points. That’s 60 cents for every active person you refer, pretty decent right?.
  • They are not full of scams such as other applications and websites where they tell you to earn money by doing surveys and never Pay Out.



Here’s a proof that I got the money.

My payout for $5 was sent to me from GiftHulk, which may seem suspicious to you since this is Tapporo and not GiftHulk. The truth is that GiftHulk actually runs Tapporo, so you’ll be getting your payments from them.


So what are you waiting for? Get started on doing this right now now and start to earn some money.

Download the application here:

For Android
For iOS


If you use the code TAPJF72344 while signing up, you get 250 points which is $0.25 to start!.

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